Our Planning Process

Empowering you throughout the financial planning process

Our financial planning process revolves around you. We ensure that we understand you well to put strategies and measures in place to achieve your goals and ambitions. Then we regularly review your progress and goals with you, providing you with ongoing strategic advice backed by research.

We make a concerted effort to understand your circumstances, financial position, and desired achievements and aspirations; from starting a business to retiring close to family and friends, so that we can work alongside you to provide informed and relevant financial advice.

There are six key steps in the financial planning process, and stage one involves us discussing these aspects with you, as well as collecting relevant information about your current circumstances. Once we have a good understanding of your position, we then work with you to analyse the data and research beneficial strategies that are tailored to you specifically. This can involve modeling using sophisticated financial planning software.

Our recommendations are then presented to you in the form of a “Statement of Advice”. After this, a meeting is arranged to discuss the recommended strategies and how critical aspects of your needs and objectives are likely to be met. Once we have agreed on the solution that is the most appropriate, we will guide you through the implementation phase and introduce you to our ongoing review service. This is a key component of our financial planning service, which is extremely proactive and involves regular communication with you.

The Financial Planning Process

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