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Michael Allanson

In 1982 Mike found himself in the position as a young married man responsible for a wife caring full time for a new born baby. There was also a substantial mortgage but no job. He had previously turned down an offer for army officer training because the world of business seemed so much more enticing but the reality was that of going from one boring, repetitive task to another.

One day fate intervened as it does, with the opportunity to be working for himself and so the decision was easy – Mike commenced as a self employed insurance agent for National Mutual Life on the 1st of January 1983.

Starting with no working capital and very few contacts, it was time to start working real hard, real quick and at the end of his first year his preparedness to apply himself was recognized with a prestigious memorial award. This prize could not be won by having either the most or biggest sales, but was an acknowledgement by his peers as being the agent who demonstrated the most diligence and integrity.

These many years later that same ethic for always working in the clients best interest has not changed but has been refined to the point where there is an unerring belief that all advice is to provide support so that ultimately, clients should get to live the life they want.

The founding clients were family and friends, many of whom remain to this day but later the business achieved ‘critical mass’ by acquiring the practices of advisors retiring from the industry.

This strategy permitted a business model that is quite unique because instead of constantly being in pursuit of new clients, the entire focus of Mike’s practice is one of staying in touch with existing clients and providing the service and advice required as each life stage milestone is attained. This long term loyalty means Mike’s clients readily acknowledge they feel very ‘financially confident’ because they have someone they are familiar with, someone who understands their circumstances and that they can trust. In addition there is a confidante to whom they can refer friends and family members.

This passion for helping people get to where they truly are living the life they want is now stronger than ever because besides having the personal experience of a 30 year career to draw upon, Mike also has the energetic enthusiasm of the next generation of advisers and support team that he surrounds himself with.

It has never been Mike’s intention to build a planning practice with biggest number of clients or clients with the biggest amounts to invest. Instead it has always been enough to be known as a top 10% advice company where the clients are the happiest, knowing they truly have something that money can’t always buy, which is how to be organised for living the life they’ve always wanted.

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